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Heilig Theatre, Downtown, Portland, OR

ID: 14719
Alt. Name: Mayfair Theatre, Downtown, Portland, OR
Fox Theatre, Downtown, Portland, OR
Construction Date: Start Date: 1909
End Date: 1910
Notes: This tall, imposing theatre had a brick-faced exterior and boxy lines. A large metal canopy adorned with lights covered the main entrance.
Demolition Note: Demolished;
Alteration Note: A small fire occurred in a janitor's room on 05/20/1952 causing $750 damage. It was "Skourasized" in 1953-1954.
Building History: The Seattle architect Edwin W. Houghton (1856-1927) designed The Heilig Theatre in 1909-1910; Houghton designed at least 10 other theatres during the 1898-1910 period, from Chicago, IL, to Seattle, WA. The Heilig was rechristened the "Rialto" in 1929 after the Paramount/Publix exhibition chain took it over. It was renamed the "Mayfair" in the early 1930s (when management again changed hands) and the "Fox" in the 1954. The Skouras Brothers--and their lead designer--Carl G. Moeller--supervised the remodeling of the 1,458-seat Fox in 1953-1954; it reopened as the Fox on 08/12/1954 following a $230,000 modernization effort. Added at this time was a 61' x 30' CinemaScope screen and new stereo sound system.
Demolition Date: 1997-01-01
Structure Type: built works - performing arts structures - theatres
Locations: Structure:
837 SW Broadway
Portland, OR
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