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Puget Mill Company House, Sheridan Beach, Lake Forest Park, WA

ID: 14973
Construction Date: End Date: 1935
Building History: The firm of Thiry and Shay produced this design for a housing sub-division backed by the Puget Mill Company and supervised by the company's real estate manager, John L. Scott, who later became a very successful independent realtor in Seattle, WA. Oroginally, Scott encouraged Thiry to experiment with Modernism to provide his tract with some new and attention-getting. Thiry produced such a modern original design, but this was rejected by other executives at Puget Mill who deemed it risky to build a tract in such a radical new manner. They encouraged Thiry to retain some revival style trappings for the development.
Structure Type: built works - dwellings - houses
built works - dwellings - houses - tract houses
Locations: Structure:
Lake Forest Park, WA