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Crocker Center, Atrium, Bunker Hill, Downtown, Los Angeles, CA

ID: 15319
Alt. Name: Wells Fargo Center, Atrium, Bunker Hill, Downtown, Los Angeles, CA
Construction Date: Start Date: 1981
End Date: 1983
Building History: The Crocker Center (renamed the Wells Fargo Center in 1986) in Los Angeles, CA consisted of a pair of two skyscrapers--the 54-story Wells Fargo Tower and the 45-story KPMG Tower--joined by this glazed atrium, three stories tall, filled with extensively landscaping. Landscape architect Lawrence Halprin of San Francisco created a landscape design with 160 trees, including as jacarandas, magnolias, cypress, coral and olive. In the vicinity of the Wells Fargo Center, Halprin designed the Wells Fargo Center, Wells Fargo Steps and the Hope Street Promenade.
Structure Type: built works - commercial buildings - banks (buildings)
built works - commercial buildings - office buildings
Locations: Structure:
330 South Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA
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