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1017 Minor Avenue Apartment Building, Seattle, WA

ID: 15681
Construction Date: End Date: 1930
Notes: This Chateauesque apartment tower had a well defined base, shaft and top, compositional necessities employed by historicist architects. The top two stories, some of the costliest apartments, were highlighted with elaborate brickwork, quoins and other ornamental flourishes.
Building History: From its beginning, the 1017 Minor Avenue Apartment Building has housed a wealthy cross-section of Seattle society. The President of the Bolcom-Canal Limber Company, the North Grove Lumber Company, and Vice-President of the Farrell Lumber Company, Incorporated, William M. Bolcom (1866-1948), lived in this residence in 1939. The owner of Longacres Racetrack, real estate man Joseph Gottstein (1891-1971), also lived at 1017 Minor Avenue in 1939. In 2010, this 14-story, reinforced concrete building had 56 condominium units. Its 15,366 square foot property had a value of $2,535,300.
Structure Size: Total Square Feet: 15366
Number of Floors: 14
Structure Type: built works - dwellings - houses
Locations: Structure:
1017 Minor Avenue
Seattle, WA
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Exterior view of 1017 Minor Avenue Apartment Building, Seattle, WA