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1010 South Robertson Boulevard Store and Office Building, Los Angeles, CA

ID: 15867
Construction Date: End Date: 1954
Notes: In c. 2009, two stores, the Amanu Gallery and Music Castle, occupied the first-floor storefronts of 1010 South Robertson Boulevard.
Alteration Note: The original fenestration had been lost by c. 2009, with numerous poor-quality additions made to the building, seen particularly at the cornice line.
Building History: Faxon and Gruys designed this two-story, two-storefront commercial development. It originally had a very simple geometrical lines. Alterations have clouded the original International Style character.
Structure Size: Number of Floors: 2
Structure Type: built works - commercial buildings - office buildings
built works - commercial buildings - stores
Locations: Structure:
1010 South Robertson Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA
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