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Trousdale Model House, Los Angeles, CA

ID: 15981
Construction Date: Start Date: 1946
End Date: 1947
Building History: Developer Paul Trousdale made plans to build 1,200 dwellings in this sub-division in Los Angeles, CA, and commissioned Allan Siple and Edward Huntsman-Trout to design the tract's model house. The model house occupied a 80 by 120-foot lot and was required to cost $15,000 without landscaping. Siple designed a 1-story, ranch house exterior with compound hipped-roofs covering an L-shaped plan; kitchen, living, dining, bath and bedrooms were located in a rectangular box on the lots north side. Projecting south was an open, covered porch connecting the residence with its garage. The model house's bland interior contained 3 bedrooms and 1 bath and was designed to appeal to the largest number; it featured tepid New England Colonial furniture with a few vaguely Early American architectural details, seen especially at the fireplace.
Structure Type: built works - dwellings - houses
landscapes - cultural landscapes - gardens
Locations: Structure:
Los Angeles, CA