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Bell, Minnezawa, House, Bel-Air, Los Angeles, CA

ID: 16015
Construction Date: Start Date: 1940
End Date: 1941
Notes: This house was located on Linda Flora Drive, in a new Bel-Air tract off of Sepulveda Boulevard. Charles B. Hopper was the Chief Sales Agent for this new Bell tract in 02/1941.
Building History: The Minnezawa Bell House occupied an acre-and-a-quarter site in a new tract (opened c. 1941) within Bel-Air, the neighborhood developed by her father, Alphonzo E. Bell. The house was designed by Los Angeles architect, Allen G. Siple, who created a 10-room, Colonial Revival Style residence costing $30,000, an ample sum in 1941. The Los Angeles Times indicated that Siple had designed a novel floor plan for Bell: "Living room, snack bar and living porch are conveniently group [sic] in a 'U' form with glass door arrangements that will enable their use as separate, more conventional formal style rooms." Siple specialized in residences at this time, and received wide publication of his traditionally-styled but modernly-planned designs.
Structure Type: built works - dwellings - houses
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Los Angeles, WA