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City and County of San Francisco, Candlestick Park, San Francisco, CA

ID: 249
Alt. Name: Monster Cable Park, San Francisco, CA
3Com Park at Candlestick Point, San Francisco, CA
Construction Date: Start Date: 1958
End Date: 1960
Notes: Home stadium, owned by the City of San Francisco, of the San Francisco Forty-Niners (1971-present) of the National Football League and the one-time field of the San Francisco Giants Major League Baseball team of the National League, 1960-1999; located on Candlestick Point, a site inhabited by scores of candlestick birds, a shore-dwelling member of the curlew family; the Giants, who had been lured from New York, began play at Seals Stadium in San Francisco in the 1958-1959 seasons, and moved to Candlestick Park to play their first game, 04/12/1960; Candlestick originally cost $15 million to build and seated 43,765, but this was raised to 58,000 during the expansion in 1972; Monster Cable Products Incorporated of Brisbane, CA, sponsored the park for 4 years; its sponsorship was followed by the electronics firm 3Com. Tel: 415.467.1994 (2011).
Demolition Note:
Alteration Note: The stadium underwent extensive renovations and additions in the winter of 1971-1972; originally constructed as a stadium open on one side, it was fully enclosed to house the San Francisco 49ers football team; problems with wind were exacerbated with this addition, as gusts became swirls inside the venue; during the later innings of Giants baseball games, the cyclonic winds would pick up, and swirls of debris would rise up from the field, becoming a peculiar side-show;
Building History: The stadium's naming rights have been sold twice; first, Candlestick was known as 3 Com Stadium (01/1995-2002); later, it was called Monster Park (09/2004- present).
Structure Type: built works - recreation areas and structures - stadiums
Locations: Structure:
490 Jamestown Avenue
San Francisco, CA
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