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Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

ID: 2558
Construction Date: Start Date: 1926
End Date: 1929
Notes: For most of the twentieth century and into the twenty-first, the Hollywood Bowl was one of the largest ampitheatres in the world, seating 18,000 in 2004. Sculptor George Maitland Stanley (1903-1970), created the granite fountain with its three figures representing Dance, Music and Drama at the gates of the Hollywood Bowl in 1938-1940. This fountain was renovated by Los Angeles County Arts Commission in 2006. (See "Hollywood Bowl," <> Accessed 12/03/2010.)
Alteration Note: Alterations to the Hollywood Bowl have been nearly continuous since the first band shell was built in 1922.
Building History: The first concert on the Bolton Canyon site (performed by the Los Angeles Philharmonic) was held 07/11/1922; four band shells existed between 1926-1929; In 1926, Allied Architects of Los Angeles designed the first proscenium, while the ampitheatre itself was arranged by Myron Hunt, the Pasadena architect; Lloyd Wright provided two band shell designs for the 1927 and 1928 Los Angeles Philharmonic seasons; from one of Wright's designs, a fourth shell of 1929 (also by the Allied Architects of Los Angeles) was patterned. This shell did not operate acoustically as well as previous designs by Lloyd Wright, a repeated attempts to fine tune it were made during the 1929-1970 period. Frank Gehry added acoustical elements to the bowl ceiling between 1970 and 1982. On 09/12/2000, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to demolish the 1929 music shell, and replace it with an new, more acoustically viable structure; in 2003-2004, Hodgetts + Fung created a 50-acre master plan for the Hollywood Bowl and consulted on physical upgrades of the bowl structure;acoustical refinement work continued in 2004, with the completion of a new shell designed by Hodgetts + Fung Architects and Gruen Associates; Hodgetts + Fung worked with Jaffe Holden Acoustics and theater consultant Fisher Dachs Associates;
Structure Type: built works - performing arts buildings
Locations: Structure:
2301 North Highland Avenue
Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
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