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Wilshire Country Club #1, Los Angeles, CA

ID: 394
Notes: The original Spanish Colonial Style clubhouse was replaced in 1971;
Demolition Note: Demolished;
Building History: The Wilshire Country Club Golf Course was designed in 1919 by Norman Macbeth. It was built on land obtained from George Allan Hancock, whose father, Major Henry Hancock (02/22/1822-01/19/1883)was a pioneer surveyor and lawyer in Los Angeles, having arrived there in 1849. He served as Los Angeles's City Surveyor from 1852-1854. Major Hancock ran for the Democratic nomination for President of the U.S., but was defeated by James Garfield by 7,000 votes.
Structure Type: built works - recreation areas and structures - country clubs
Locations: Structure:
301 North Rossmore Avenue
Los Angeles, CA
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