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Scripps College, Balch, Janet Jacks, Hall, Claremont, CA

ID: 4876
Construction Date: End Date: 1929
Building History: Janet Jacks Balch (1863-1943) and her husband, engineer Allen C. Balch (1864-1943), were part of the original group who founded Scripps College and were donors of a $250,000 gift that made Balch Hall possible. The Balchs also provided funds for a reading room that was part of Scripps's Eleanor Joy Toll Residence Hall. The couple gave significant funding not only to Scripps but also Cornell University (they were both alumni) and Caltech. Allen Balch made his money setting up electrical utilities in CA, including those that would eventually develop into Pacific Gas and Electric and Southern California Edison.
Structure Type: built works - public buildings - schools - university buildings
Locations: Structure:
1030 North Columbia Avenue
Claremont, CA
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