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Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle, Church of Christ The King, Broadview, Seattle, WA

ID: 4927
Construction Date: End Date: 1948
Notes: The Church of Christ The King won an Honor Award bestowed by the American Institute of Architects, Seattle Chapter, in 1950. Beginning in the late 1940s and into the 1950s, the churches of the Pacific Northwest began to be noticed by the national architectural media. The Architectural Record stated in its 12/1957 issue that highlighted church architecture: "Perhaps only in the Pacific Northwest has there developed anything approaching a concentration of church building distinctly superior to the national average. There the work of Pietro Belluschi and Paul Thiry has set high standards for all who would design churches and an encouraging number of architects are endeavoring to meet those standards. In part the strength of the northwest prototypes derives from a simple directness which eschews the gimmick--structural or decorative. Their spaces are calm but intensely so. Scale is man-and-God related. Surfaces are developed in a continuity possible only with a rigorously restricted palette." (See "Churches: Building Types Study 253," Architectural Record, 12/1957, 81:6, p. 176-177.) Belluschi's churches became very well known, and Thiry did a number of innovative designs for the Seattle Roman Catholic Archdiocese and other faiths.
Structure Type: built works - religious structures - churches
Locations: Structure:
11556 Phinney Avenue
Seattle, WA
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