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King County, Department of Stadium Administration, Domed Stadium, Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA

ID: 5365
Alt. Name: Kingdome, Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA
Construction Date: Start Date: 1972
End Date: 1976
Notes: Demolition Note: Demolished on Sunday, 03/26/2000, by Controlled Demolition Incorporated, a Maryland demolitions company. The dome was just shy of its 24th birthday.
Building History: Forty million dollars from one of the "Forward Thrust" bond propositions that passed in 02/1968 provided most of the $67 million needed to build the King County Multipurpose Domed Stadium. Ground was broken for it, 11/02/1972. Robert Sowder of the Seattle architecture firm of Naramore, Bain, Brady and Johanson, (NBBJ) supervised the design of the Kingdome, working closely with Jack Christiansen of the large Seattle structural engineering firm, Skilling, Helle, Christiansen and Robertson. (George Loschky of NBBJ was also deeply involved in the design process,) Donald Drake Construction and Kiewit Construction participated in the erection of the stadium. The first contractor, Drake Construction, had a series of disputes with King County during the building of the Kingdome over constuction dealys. King County Executive, John D. Spellman, fired Drake (and later won a $12.8 million law suit over Kingdome construction) and hired Peter Kiewit Construction, the firm that finished the job in 05/1976. Gail Taylor, Office Engineer, Ray Biggs, Project Manager, and James Gorman, Project Engineer, ran the construction site in 1974 for Drake Construction. As engineer and architect Rainer Metzger has pointed out, the cost of the Kingdome was very economical. He wrote: "Perhaps to a fault, the Kingdome exploited the economy of thin shell concrete to meet its voter-approved $40 million budget. Other stadiums of the era had much larger budgets: the 1966 Houston Astrodome cost $1440 per seat and the 1975 Louisiana Superdome cost $2,382 per seat (both stadium roofs were of steel construction). In 1976 the Kingdome was constructed for $750 per seat." (See Rainer Metzger, "Jack Christiansen Thin Shell Concrete in the Pacific Northwest," Column 5, vol. XX, p.10.)
Demolition Date: 2000-03-26
Structure Type: built works - recreation areas and structures - stadiums
Locations: Structure:
201 South King Street
Seattle, WA
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