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Emmons, Donn, House, Mill Valley, CA

ID: 5901
Construction Date: Start Date: 1947
End Date: 1948
Notes: Architect's own house; Wurster, Bernardi and Emmons Job #4727. Emmons was the lead designer on his own house.
Alteration Note: Emmons made an addition to the house in 1955; WBE Job #5521.
Building History: Emmons lived here in 1956. He designed and built three virtually identical houses on Cleveland Avenue at the same time. Gryffyd Partidge, the architect, lived in the southernmost one and Emmons's contractor named Arian lived in the northernmost. The three purchased two hillside lots for $1,000, splitting the cost three ways. They divided the lots into thirds, each house occupying three-quarters of an acre.
Structure Type: built works - dwellings - houses
Locations: Structure:
254 Cleveland Avenue
Mill Valley, CA
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