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Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, Lodge, Majestic Theatre, Downtown, Chico, CA

ID: 6173
Alt. Name: Majestic Theater, Downtown, Chico, CA
National Theatre, Downtown, Chico, CA
Construction Date: End Date: 1905
Notes: Alteration Note: The Theatre suffered a fire in 1946, necessitating its remodeling. Its original Neoclassical design was covered by a modern facade.
Building History: The Majestic Theatre was located within the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, Lodge in Downtown Chico, CA. In 1919, the Majestic Theatre in Chico, CA, was part of the Ackerman and Harris Hippodrome Vaudeville Circuit that stretched from the Dakotas west to the Pacific Coast. Like many theatres, its name has changed over the years. While it was part of the T and D Jr. Enterprises chain, it became known as the National theatre (1930s) and the American Theatre in the 1940s. Following its fire, it has been known as the El Rey.
Structure Size: Number of Floors: 3
Structure Type: built works - performing arts structures - theatres
Locations: Structure:
Chico, CA
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Postcard view of the Chico Carnegie Library (left) and the Majestic Theatre (right), Chico, CA, c. 1915; from California State University, Chico, Digital Collections, John Nopel Photograph Collection