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Strick, Anne and Joseph, House, Santa Monica, CA

ID: 6721
Alt. Name: Boyd, Michael and Gabrielle, House, Santa Monica, CA
Construction Date: End Date: 1964
Notes: Alteration Note: The house and the landscaping were redone by Michael and Gabrielle Boyd in 2003.
Building History: One of two house designs that Niemeyer did for clients in the United States, the other being the Burton Tremaine House Project (Santa Barbara, CA, 1947). Niemeyer configured the Strick House in a largely one-story T-shaped plan, the portion parallel to the street housing living/dining functions, while the other sector was a bedroom wing. As built, a study was built at the far end of the living/dining wing lying above the garage.
Structure Type: built works - dwellings - houses
Locations: Structure:
Santa Monica, CA