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City of Renton, Public Library, Main Library, Renton, WA

ID: 7330
Alt. Name: Renton Public Library, Main Library, Renton, WA
Construction Date: Start Date: 1965
End Date: 1966
Notes: Tel: Phone: 425.430.6610 (2006);
Demolition Note: In 2013, discussions were ongoing to demolish the Renton Public Library and replace it with a new facility.
Building History: The architects, Johnston-Campanella and Company, decided that the library should span an 80-foot wide river, so that land could be conserved for a parking lot. A $150,000 bond issue passed on 11/03/1964 paid some of the costs of the Renton Library, that opened on 04/17/1966. The total price of the unusual bridge design was $327,560.
Structure Size: Total Square Feet: 20000
Number of Floors: 1
Structure Type: built works - social and civic buildings - libraries
Locations: Structure:
100 Mill Avenue South
Renton, WA
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Exterior view of the Renton Public Library, Main Library, Renton, 2007; from Wikimedia Commons, photo by vmenkov