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Majestic Bay Theatres #2, Ballard, Seattle, WA

ID: 8733
Notes: Tel: 206-781-2229 (2007); the Alhadeff Family once owned Longacres Racetrack.
Building History: This tri-plex movie theatre, replaced the Majestic Theatre, that had operated since 1915. Owners Ken and Marleen Alhadeff were forced to demolish the previous building rather than restore it, due to its poor condition. The three theatres were named for the Alhadeff's children: the 300-seat venue named "Aaron," for the eldest son, and two 100-seat theatres, named "Andrea" and "Alison." Cost over-runs inflated the expected cost from between $1-2 million to $5 million by project's end.
Structure Type: built works - performing arts structures - theatres
Locations: Structure:
2044 NW Market Street
Seattle, WA
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