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Pantages Theatre #1 and Office Building, Los Angeles, CA

ID: 921
Alt. Name: Arcade Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
Pantages Theater #1, Los Angeles, CA
Construction Date: Start Date: 1909
End Date: 1910
Notes: On the front facade, the first two floors displayed four Corinthian pilasters that separated the composition into 3 bays, the central bay being the widest. Two storefronts flanked the entrance to the Pantages's Theatre. The fenestration of the second through the sixth stories had groups of 2-3-2 trabeated, double-hung windows; the top floor had two arched windows on the side bays with four arched double-hung windows in the center. The uppermost floor's wall surface also displayed rustication. An elaborate cornice hung just above the top story.
Alteration Note: It later (c. 2008) served as a warehouse for Audio-Visual Plaza, an electronics store operating on Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles, CA. Extensive alterations have occurred to the first-floor storefronts over the building's 100 years.
Building History: A Beaux-Arts Style theatre, Pantages Theatre #1 was one of the earliest erected on Broadway; this was the first venue built for the chain of Seattle, WA-vaudeville impresario Alexander Pantages (1875– 1936) in Los Angeles, CA. (Pantages would later transfer his headquarters from Seattle to Los Angeles c. 1920.) To accommodate his move, Pantages built a second more grandiose theatre and headquarters building at 7th Street and Hill Streets which opened in 1921. The Pantages #1 became the Dalton's Broadway Theater c. 1925, and, later, the Arcade in 1928. In 1943, the theatre was known as the Newsreel and Magazine Theatre. According to its entry on the Cinema web site, it was also known as the Teleview Theatre at one time, as well. It occupied the first two floors of the seven-story Pantages Office Building.
Structure Size: Number of Floors: 7
National Register Status: National Register Added: 1979
National Register Number: 79000484
City Landmark Status: City Landmark Number: 525
City Landmark City: Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument
Structure Type: built works - commercial buildings - office buildings
built works - performing arts structures - theatres
Locations: Structure:
534 South Broadway
Los Angeles, CA
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Exterior view of the Pantages Theatre and Office Building, Los Angeles, CA, photo by Kansas Sebastian, from Flickr Commons