Charles F. Keyes Field Notes, Thailand: 1963-04 (April 1963), Mahasarakham.

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Charles F. Keyes Field Notes, Thailand: 1963-04 (April 1963), Mahasarakham.

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Title: Charles F. Keyes Field Notes, Thailand: 1963-04 (April 1963), Mahasarakham.
Author: Keyes, Charles F.; ชารลส์ เอฟ. ไคส์
Abstract: Charles F. Keyes, Field Notebooks, Thailand: April 1963. Field notes in this document were primarily written in Ban Nong Tun (village), Amphoe Muang, Mahasarakham Province (Changwat Maha Sarakham), Thailand. This document is preceded by field notes written in Mahasarakham in March 1963 and is followed by notes written in Mahasarakham in May 1963. Topics: Student Registration Book at Ban Nong Tun School ; Historical Notes on BNT; Our first day in the village as residents; Customs Concerning Health; Mr. Ngao; Festival at Bān Khwao and Kū; Daily Patterns; Ban Khwao ; Funerary Rites; Festival at Kū: 1. Origin and raison d'être of ceremony, 2. Activities at Kū, a) Clown dancers, b) Fôn lep ฟ้อน เล็บ dancers, c) Worship of Buddha and Deva Images, d) Worshipping the Deva, 3. Analysis, 4. Water Ceremony; Songkrān; Village Miscellaneous; Mapping the village and a faux pas; Honouring of Priests; Procession; Presentation of Clothes to Priests; Ritual Bathing of Priests; Bāi Sī for Two Priests; Miscellaneous at Bān Mī; Communism in Tambon Khwao; Mr. Phā; A Walk; Pig Castration; Liang Phī; Thieves and Pursuers; Mr. Ngao; Concepts of Government; Holy Days; Food Anxieties and Implications; Bān Nông Tün; Songkrān ; First Day (April 13); Second Day (April 14); Third Day (April 15); Game: len kān tī khlī (เล่น การ ตีคลี). ; Economic Activities; Animism; Schedule of Events; Trip to Khon Kaen; Death; Funeral Rites; Other Customs at the Time of a Death; Death of an Infant; Sale of Kapok; Mr. Nôi; Belief in Phī; Games: 1. Drawing of Straws, 2. "Tiger eats pigs, 3. Kōēng tā wāēn (เกิ้งตาแวน); Gamblers; Cost of Village Items; Mr. Lā; Mr. Ngao's "Wife"; Sarakham Liquor; Bāp ("sin"); Notes on Sex and Age Patterns of Behavior; Rites of Passage; Division of labor by Age & Sex for Everyday Activities; Geo-social frames-of-reference for the BNT Villager.

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