Charles F. Keyes Field Notes, Thailand: 1963-08 (August 1963), Mahasarakham.

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Charles F. Keyes Field Notes, Thailand: 1963-08 (August 1963), Mahasarakham.

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Title: Charles F. Keyes Field Notes, Thailand: 1963-08 (August 1963), Mahasarakham.
Author: Keyes, Charles F.; ชารลส์ เอฟ. ไคส์
Abstract: Charles F. Keyes, Field Notebooks, Thailand: August 1963. Field notes in this document were primarily written in Ban Nong Tun (village), Amphoe Muang, Mahasarakham Province (Changwat Maha Sarakham), Thailand. This document is preceded by field notes written in Mahasarakham in July 1963 and is followed by notes written in Mahasarakham in September 1963. Topics: Names; Transplanting Rice; Mr. Phon's Second Wife; Conversation with Mr. Ngao; Age; Cattle Ownership; Remittance from Bangkok; An Afternoon Drink; A Trip to the Fields; Local Lottery; Visit from Teachers; Mushrooms; Daily Pattern; Tham Bun Bān Ceremony; Local Lottery; Mr. Hô and History of the Village; A Progressive Headman; Pig Sale; A Bad Dream; A Returnee from Vientiane; A Child's Play; Language and Sex Differentiation; Distances to Village; House of Mr. Phonmā Setraksā, Khum Nông Khwao Nôi; House of Mr. Sôn Sētraksā, Khum Nông Khwao Nôi; Religion; Death; An Unusual Relationship; Mr. Phon's House in the Evening; A Periodic Market; Ideas on family structure and kinship in BNT arising from the "Geneaological Survey"; Religion; The Girl From Vientiane; Religion; Nôi and the Radio; Ngao’s Family; Education; The Khāēn; Local Literature; Cost of Corrugated Iron Roofing; Jane's Frog Catching Expedition; A Visit from the Monks; Clothing and Status; A Business Method; Census; A Bee Hunt; Religion; Ceremony of "Decorating the Earth"; Conversations with Mr. Cheunchai ; Miscellaneous; Making of Bamboo Shoot Curry; Some Notes from Jane Keyes; Ngao Sales; Nôi's Clothing ; Fares to Sarakham and Roi-et; Religion; A "Fire-Balloon"; Educational Committee; A Bird Trap; Tham Bun and Sū khūan for Young Man Leaving to Go to the Army; ‘Yū Fai Customs; Ramwong; History of the Name of BNT; Thôt Thian Ceremony.

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