Charles F. Keyes Field Notes, Thailand: 1967-12 (December 1967), Mae Sariang.

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Charles F. Keyes Field Notes, Thailand: 1967-12 (December 1967), Mae Sariang.

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Title: Charles F. Keyes Field Notes, Thailand: 1967-12 (December 1967), Mae Sariang.
Author: Keyes, Charles F.; ชารลส์ เอฟ. ไคส์
Abstract: Charles F. Keyes Field Notebooks, Thailand: December 1967. Field notes in this document were primarily written in Amphoe Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Son Province (Changwat Mae Hong Son), Thailand. This document is preceded by field notes written in Mae Sariang in November 1967 and is followed by notes written in Mae Sariang in January 1968. Topics: Thôt phāpā by Phanasit Company; Interview with Thông `Ôn Manager of Phanasit; Thôt phāpā at Wat Kittiwong; Missionaries; King's Birthday Celebrations; Thôt phāpā at Wat Sī Bunrüang; Visit to Mô Thawôn’s Garden; A Thai-Red Karen; Karen Problems; Murder of Sombat; Visiting to Bān Phā Phā and B. trial; B. Māē Thalu (บ้านแม่ทะลุ); School at Bān Phā Phā; Interview with Old Woman; Visit to 'Sights' of B. Phāphā; Ceremony of Presenting Paddy Offerings at Wat Čôm Thông; The Kamnan of T. Bān Kāt; Old Names for Northern Cities; Misc.; Môns; P'wo Karen; Dinner with Dr. Binnah Sawyer and Miss Peggy Smith; Teacher from Karen Village of Māē Tôp; Wat Sībunrüang; Death of Sombat; Honoring of Abbot of Wat Sībunrüang for Being Raised to Phra Khrū Status; The Sangha in Mae Hong Son; Listing of all high ranking monks and wats in the kingdom ; George Pō; Monument on Road to Mae Sariang; Border Police School in Bān Dong; Schedule of Events; Gathering of the M.S. American Community; Missionary Work in Mae Sariang; Cockfights; Karen Working for Thai; Funerals.

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