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Faculty and Researcher Data and Papers [5729]
University of Washington Bothell [208]
  • Proceedings of the Second Annual UW GIS Symposium, May 17, 2018 

    Parsons, Matthew; Flynn, Kian; Mundt, Madeline (2018-05-17)
    The 2nd Annual University of Washington (UW) GIS Symposium was held on May 17, 2018 in the University of Washington Libraries’ Research Commons, an interdisciplinary space devoted to highlighting student research. This ...
  • Kenyan public librarians’ role in mobile-centric information access 

    Wedlake, Stacey; Lothian, Karah (2018-05-22)
    Mobile phones and smartphones have become the entry point to the internet for billions of people around the world. In these mobile-centric contexts, accessibility, manifestation of social ecosystems, and the affordances ...
  • Battles for School Choice 

    Thatcher, Anthony (2018)
    Education is widely regarded as one of the most critical aspects of society with great potential when successful and dire consequences when neglected. How to best arrange and manage a national education system is fought ...
  • Mediating Residents' Trust in Police Through Collective Efficacy Processes 

    Guidry, Shelby (2018)
    Urban area neighborhoods are no stranger to the vastly changing economic and social structures that persist in their communities; in principle and in practice, in the United States, a residents’ place matters. The purpose ...
  • “Communication with a Minor for Immoral Purposes” What Washington State Law is Not Talking About 

    Sadler, Sabrina R. (2018)
    The term “child grooming” describes a pattern of behaviors used by child sex offenders to gain access to, and control of, a child victim in order to build a sexual relationship with that child. Washington State law does ...

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