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Faculty and Researcher Data and Papers [6016]
University of Washington Bothell [235]
  • Supplementary Data for "Implications of Biofouling on Cross-flow Turbine Performance" 

    Stringer, Carl; Polagye, Brian (2019-05-16)
    These files accompany the manuscript "Implications of Biofouling on Cross-flow Turbine Performance". The files include 8 sets of fouled turbine performance data collected in the Alice C. Tyler recirculating water flume at ...
  • Humanitarian Aid under Stress: Assessing the Role of NGOs 

    Bahadory, Azelle; Bodell, Mia; Davis, Katie; Freney, Megan; Laskowski, Emily; Long, Aaron; Miller, India; Pingul, Olivia; Price, Gretchen; Steindorf, Molly; Sullivan, Maya; Wigen, Riley; Zech, Tommy (2019)
    Humanitarian NGOs currently face many challenges that inhibit their ability to deliver aid and place the humanitarian principles under stress. The politicization of aid by both donor and host governments has influenced the ...
  • Opportunities and Challenges in the Indo-Asia-Pacific Region 

    Curran, Dylan; Davison, Clay; Gao, Sihan; Kornas, Gabriel; Park, Seongshin; Peng, Kunpei; Quick, Megumi; Sampath, Sanjay; Stolfa, Connor; Stowe, Adrianne; Trindeva, Ava; Van Vleet, Kyle; Zheng, Jiajin (2019)
    This Task Force focuses on three key areas that U.S. policies have to address in order to capitalize on opportunities and meet challenges in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region: 1. Political issues that require the U.S. to increase ...
  • The Future of U.S. Foreign Aid: Comparisons and Recommendations 

    Carandang, John Carlo; Breckheimer, Beatrice; Santoso, Leonard Alden; Eppenauer, Alex; Sangcharoenvanakul, Kunat; Kasman, Caroline; Chen, Kuan-Yu; Gunawan, Nabilla; Person, Danica; Lapham, Elizabeth; Faizi, Saddiqullah; Fiore, Sam (2018)
    Foreign assistance constitutes a key instrument in the United States’ foreign policy, and how the U.S. government provides aid significantly impacts both other donor and recipient countries. The donor countries of primary ...
  • BREXIT: How to Shape Britain’s New Rela-tionship with the European Union 

    Gurwara, Smakshee; Cooley, Aaron; Ferguson, Emily; Catinas, Diana; Nath, Arnav; Dohemann, Jasmine; Zhu, Hayley; Wright, Delanie; Quinn, Scott; Kim, Brian (2018)
    On June 23, 2016 Britain voted to leave the EU, since then the public and government have struggled to understand the implications and formulate a plan for the future. With the formal exit date fast approaching, how the ...

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