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Faculty and Researcher Data and Papers [6038]
University of Washington Bothell [246]
  • Michaele 

    Salazar, Amy M.; Haggerty, Kevin P.; de Haan, Benjamin; Catalano, Richard F.; Vann, Terri; Vinson, Jean; Lansing, Michaele (APA, 2016-03)
    The prevention of mental, emotional, and behavioral (MEB) disorders among children and adolescents is a national priority. One mode of implementing community-wide MEB prevention efforts is through evidence-based community ...
  • Psychometric properties of the Transitions From Foster Care Key Leader Survey 

    Salazar, Amy M.; Brown, Eric C.; Monahan, Kathryn C.; Catalano, Richard F. (Elsevier, 2016-04)
    This study summarizes the development and piloting of the Transitions from Foster Care Key Leader Survey (TFC-KLS), an instrument designed to measure change in systems serving young people transitioning from foster care ...
  • Spatial Analysis of Accessible Seating Area on the Next Generation Passenger Rail Cars using 3-D Modeling and Digital Human Modeling 

    Hunter-Zaworski, Katharine; Tabattanon, K. (2019)
    This project extended research that was conducted for the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) in collaboration with the Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act Next Generation Equipment Committee on the development ...
  • A randomized controlled trial of a long-term professional mentoring program for children at risk: Outcomes across the first 5 years 

    Eddy, J. Mark; Martinez, Charles R., Jr.; Grossman, Jean Baldwin; Cearley, Jennifer J.; Wheeler, Alice C.; Rempel, Jeff S.; Foney, Dana; Burraston, Bert O.; Harachi, Tracy W.; Haggerty, Kevin P.; Seeley, John R. (Springer, 2017-11)
    Child outcomes due to a paid professional mentoring program, Friends of the Children (FOTC), were investigated across the first 5 years of an ongoing multi-site randomized controlled trial. Participants were 278 children ...
  • Evidence-based prevention for adolescent substance use 

    Harrop, Erin; Catalano, Richard F. (Elsevier, 2016-07)
    Due to the significant consequences of adolescent substance use behaviors, researchers have increasingly focused on prevention approaches. The field of prevention science is based on the identification of predictors of ...

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