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Faculty and Researcher Data and Papers [5620]
University of Washington Bothell [207]
  • Developing an Educational Role in a Clinical and Translational Science Institute 

    Louden, Diana Nelson (Rowman & Littlefield, 2016)

    Stockdill, Alyssa; Novachuk, Iryna; Abt, Timothy; Campbell, Margaret; Choi, Dajung; Fuller, Sarah; Jessup, Elizabeth; Kidane, Feruz; Lipney-Burger, Ondina; Nacanaynay, Darielle; Nolasco, Jonathan; Novachuk, Iryna; Toews, Katrina; Trevarthen, Olivia; Waller, Ian; ; ; (2016)
    This report is the product of the collaboration between sixteen students in the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington under the guidance of Professor Jonathan Warren, and in ...
  • A Comprehensive Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis: Highlighting the United States’ Role in the International Effort 

    Ryder, Jennifer; Bolme, Diane; Celustka, Kevin; Conklin, Sarah; Engstrom, Daniel; Kono, Michael; Kurtz, Carly; Moussa, Ismail; Nguiakaramahawongse, Paritt; Ryder, Jennifer; Sandoval, Amanda; Smiley, Natali; Stamenkovska, Maja; Talantuli, Ayaz; Tono, Jo; Young, Payton; ; (2016)
    The Syrian refugee crisis is the largest humanitarian and geopolitical problem facing the world today. The consequences of this crisis, which are rooted in an ongoing civil war, are far reaching and have affected not only ...
  • Assessing the Obama Administration’s Pivot to Asia 

    Reininger, Brent; Stewart, Sarah; Fung, Emily; Loong, Alvin; Atwater, Alex; Coppenrath, Luke; Huang, Jinghe (Lizzie); Kim, Dorothy; Wu, Emilee (Chen Fan); Barry, Creighton; Clark, Kate; Choi, Erik (Hyeokjin); Dolan, Sean; Lee, Elissa; Chung, Andy; Hansen, Stephanie; Husniyah, Athiyya; Wang, Ruidi (Cindy) (2016)
    On October 11, 2011 then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wrote an article for Foreign Affairs , titled “America’s Pacific Century”. In it she states that over the past decade U.S. attention has been preoccupied with ...
  • Putting the Arctic Back on the Map: A Progress Report in Anticipation of the Arctic Council's Twentieth Anniversary 

    Creps, Jake; Heckenlively, Laura; Brewster, Kelsey; Moore, Danika; Rutz, Allison (Allie); Wang, Claire; Castro, Elizabeth; Habenicht, Jordan; Zellem, Michael (Mac); Wheeler, Kyle; Laohajaratsang, Ivalene; ; ; ; ; ; ; (2016)
    We, the 2016 Arctic Task Force Team, have written this report in anticipation of the twentieth anniversary of the establishment of the Arctic Council in the fall of this year. Through an in-depth analysis of the history ...

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