Publication Plan

The Travel Journal has been published but this is only the first stage of the project. We intend to begin applying what we have learned to the publication of the Joseph Mathia Svoboda diaries starting with 11 of the original diaries brought from Iraq by Margaret Makiya and loaned to the University of Washington Libraries for digitizing and 3 diaries digitized at the National Manuscript Center in Iraq. It is our hope and conviction that, in time, these diaries and the stories they contain will become a significant resource for the micro-history of 19thcentury Iraq and that the project will continue to provide an avenue for undergraduates to gain hands-on experience of basic research in the humanities and learn to familiarize themselves with digital tools for the study and dissemination of the products of that research.

Our present plan is to publish our Svoboda Diaries in “volumes” consisting of three diaries each beginning with the original diaries of which we have received or created digital images. A volume will include an on-line version containing a line-by-line transcription of the text of the diaries with supplementary material such as wordlists, charts, tables, and glossaries. This version will allow links directly to page images of the original texts. We will also provide access to print versions of the text which we expect to include a print-on-demand book and a downloadable PDF. We plan to have the first volume appear on the Svoboda Diaries Project’s Newbook website by late summer 2015, with print versions to follow. In the end, however, we are an experimental project and are always searching for newer and richer modes of presentation. One of the virtues of digital publication is that the presentation can always change for the better and benefit from the collaboration of users.