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    • A Conceptual Model for Video Games and Interactive Media 

      Jett, Jacob; Sacchi, Simone; Lee, Jin Ha; Clarke, Rachel Ivy (2015-04)
      In this article, we describe a conceptual model for video games and interactive media. Existing conceptual models such as the functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR) are not adequate to represent the unique ...
    • Developing a Video Game Metadata Schema for the Seattle Interactive Media Museum 

      Tennis, Joseph T.; Lee, Jin Ha; Clarke, Rachel Ivy; Carpenter, Michael (University of Washington, 2015-06)
      As interest in video games increases, so does the need for intelligent access to them. However, traditional organizational systems and standards fall short. To fill this gap, we are collaborating with the Seattle Interactive ...
    • Empirical Evaluation of Metadata for Video Games and Interactive Media 

      Lee, Jin Ha; Clarke, Rachel Ivy; Perti, Andrew (University of Washington Information School, 2015-05)
      Despite increasing interest in and acknowledgment of the significance of video games, current descriptive practices are not sufficiently robust to support searching, browsing, and other access behaviors from diverse user ...