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    • Building Digital Communities: A framework for action 

      Becker, Samantha; Crandall, Mike; Coward, Chris; Sears, Rebecca; Carlee, Ron; Hasbargen, Kira; Ball, Mary Alice (Institute of Museum and Library Services, 2012-01)
      Digital inclusion is the ability of individuals and groups to access and use information and communication technologies. Not all members of a community benefit equally, and some communities have been left out altogether. ...
    • Technology for employability in Latin America: Research with at-risk youth and people with disabilities 

      Pal, Joyojeet; Freistadt, Jay; Frix, Michele; Neff, Phillip (Technology & Social Change Group (TASCHA), 2009)
      Since the early 1990s, there has been an increasing interest and investment in information and communication technology (ICT) training centers designed to expand employability options for socially excluded groups in Latin ...
    • The Web Experience 

      Martin, Andrew P.; Ivory, Melody Y.; Groce, Dmitri (2004-12-17)
      We developed an interactive movie to educate people who do not have impairments about how people who do have certain impairments experience the World Wide Web. We walk the viewer through the experiences of five people who ...