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    • Design Talk in a Community of Innovators 

      Hendry, David; Kilburn, Shawn; Annabi, Hala; Mai, Jens-Erik (2006-05-19)
      This technical report describes an exploratory analysis of a community of innovators who indirectly contributed to the design of, a system for social tagging. Participants in this community, which is mediated ...
    • MARS (Media Asset Retrieval System): Puget Sound’s Digital Archive 

      Mai, Jens-Erik; Efthimiadis, Efthimis N.; Alam, Tariq; Detera, E.C.; Eydie C.; Foit, L.M.; Tennis, Joseph T.
      The MARS (Media Asset Retrieval System) Project is the collaborative effort of public broadcasters,libraries and schools in the Puget Sound region to create a digital online resource that provides access to content produced ...