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    • Towards standardized measurement of adverse events in spine surgery: conceptual model and pilot evaluation 

      Mirza, Sohail K.; Deyo, Richard A.; Heagerty, Patrick J.; Turner, Judith A.; Lee, Lorri A.; Goodkin, Robert (2006)
      Background: Independent of efficacy, information on safety of surgical procedures is essential for informed choices. We seek to develop standardized methodology for describing the safety of spinal operations and apply these ...
    • Transformations for cDNA Microarray Data 

      Cui, Xiangqin; Kerr, M. Kathleen; Churchill, Gary A. (2003)
      Two channel microarray data often contain systematic variations that can be minimized by data transformation prior to further analysis. The most commonly observed effects are revealed by viewing scatter plots of the logarithm ...
    • Weight-modification trials in older adults: what should the outcome measure be? 

      Diehr, Paula; Newman, Anne B.; Jackson, Sharon A.; Kuller, Lewis; Powe, Neil (2002)
      Background: Overweight older adults are often counseled to lose weight, even though there is little evidence of excess mortality in that age group. Overweight and underweight may be more associated with health status than ...