Recent Submissions


    Henchy, Judith A. N.; Shen, Zhijia; Banerjee, Deepa; Tanaka, Azusa; Yi, Hyokyoung (Ithaka S&R, 2018-02-19)
    This report is the result of interviews conducted in the spring and summer of 2017 with the aim of determining the research, networking and publishing habits of Asian Studies faculty at the University of Washington, one ...
  • Muslim Militant’s Mindset and Quranic Verses: A Comparison of Narratives from Pakistan 

    Azim, Syed Wasif; Mehmood, Wajid; Jan, Mohammad Ayub (PUTAJ – Humanities and Social Sciences, 2015-06)
    Since last decade, the world has been facing Muslim militancy as the most tough challenge and threat. Activities of global Muslim militant groups like Al Qaeda and Taliban have engulfed a large number of human lives have ...
  • Pak-India Trade Relations: From Rivalry to Friendship 

    Azim, Syed Wasif; Jan, Muhammad Ayub; Shah, Hassan (2016-12)
    Pakistan and India are two neighboring countries, whose inhabitants share a long history and have many commonalities, but relations between both the countries have been strained by different activities and issues since ...
  • Vietnamese New Women and the Fashioning of Modernity 

    Henchy, Judith (Lexington Books, 2005)
  • Seeing the Unseen: The Dance of the Harasiddhi Gods 

    Iltis, Linda (Nepa Pasa Pucha Amerikaye, 2011-10)
    Thirty years ago, I became interested in the classical Newar dance drama traditions in Nepal, because I wanted to know the meaning of a specific ritual dance drama called Jala Pyakha.
  • Beyond Relativism: Where Is Political Power in Legal Pluralism? 

    Barzilai, Gad (2008)
    Both decentralization of state law and cultural relativism have been fundamentally embedded in legal pluralism. As a scholarly trend in law and society, it has insightfully challenged the underpinnings of analytical ...