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    • Materiality: Challenges and Opportunities for Communication Theory 

      Neff, Gina; Fiore-Silfvast, Brittany; Dossick, Carrie Sturts (University of Washington Department of Communication, 2014-05)
      Increasingly, communication researchers are issuing calls for attention to the role materiality plays in communication processes (e.g., Boczkowski, 2004; Boczkowski & Lievrouw, 2008; Leonardi & Barley, 2008; Leonardi, ...
    • Public Deliberation as the Organizing Principle of Political Communication Research 

      Gastil, John W.; Black, Laura W. (2008)
      During the past fifteen years, public deliberation has become an important focus of research, theory, and public practice. This has sometimes led to a variety of narrow conceptualizations that limit deliberation to particular ...