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    • Reverse Engineering Galactose Regulation in Yeast through Model Selection 

      Thorsson, Vesteinn; Hornquist, Michael; Siegel, Andrew F.; Hood, Leroy (2005)
      We examine the application of statistical model selection methods to reverse-engineering the control of galactose utilization in yeast from DNA microarray experiment data. In these experiments, relationships among gene ...
    • Network motif analysis of a multi-mode genetic-interaction network 

      Taylor, R. James; Siegel, Andrew F.; Galitski, Timothy (2007)
      Different modes of genetic interaction indicate different functional relationships between genes. The extraction of biological information from dense multi-mode genetic-interaction networks demands appropriate statistical ...
    • Differential expression of CD10 in prostate cancer and its clinical implication 

      Dall'Era, Marc A.; True, Lawrence D.; Siegel, Andrew F.; Porter, Michael P.; Sherertz, Tracy M.; Liu, Alvin Y. (2007)
      Background: CD10 is a transmembrane metallo-endopeptidase that cleaves and inactivates a variety of peptide growth factors. Loss of CD10 expression is a common, early event in human prostate cancer; however, CD10 positive ...