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    • Differential regulation of KiSS-1 mRNA expression by sex steroids in the brain of the male mouse 

      Gottsch, Michelle L.; Clifton, Donald K.; Stoll, Elizabeth A.; Steiner, Robert A.; Eacker, Stephen M.; Braun, Robert E.; Smith, Jeremy T.; Dungan, Heather M. (Endocrine Society, 2005-07)
      Kisspeptins are products of the Kiss1 gene, which bind to GPR54, a G protein-coupled receptor. Kisspeptins and GPR54 have been implicated in the neuroendocrine regulation of GnRH secretion. To test the ...
    • A KiSS to remember 

      Steiner, Robert A.; Popa, Simina M.; Clifton, Donald K. (Elsevier, 2005-08)
      The Kiss1 gene encodes a family of neuropeptides named kisspeptins, which bind to a (former orphan) G-protein-coupled receptor called GPR54. Recent investigations suggest that kisspeptins play a vital role ...