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    • Inhibin-B: a likely candidate for the physiologically important form of inhibin in men 

      Rainey, William E.; Bremner, William J.; Byrd, William; Mather, Jennie P.; McNeilly, Alan S.; Illingworth, Peter J.; Groome, Nigel P. (Endocrine Society, 1996-04)
      Inhibin is a glycoprotein hormone that is defined on the basis of inhibition of pituitary FSH production, However, previous data have not shown any correlation between RIA measurements of inhibin and FSH in ...
    • Serum inhibin B levels reflect Sertoli cell function in normal men and men with testicular dysfunction 

      Groome, Nigel P.; Bremner, William J.; Matsumoto, Alvin M.; McNeilly, Alan S.; Illingworth, Peter J.; Anawalt, Bradley D.; Bebb, Richard A. (Endocrine Society, 1996-09)
      We used a recently developed ELISA format to test the hypothesis that inhibin B is the physiologically active form of inhibin in men. We measured and compared inhibin A, inhibin B, and pro-alpha-C-related ...