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    • Handheld computers for self-administered sensitive data collection: A comparative study in Peru 

      Bernabe-Ortiz, Antonio; Curioso, Walter H.; Gonzales, Marco A.; Evangelista, Wilfredo; Castagnetto, Jesus M.; Carcamo, Cesar P.; Hughes, James P.; Garcia, Patricia J.; Garnett, Geoffrey P.; Holmes, King K. (2008)
      Background: Low-cost handheld computers (PDA) potentially represent an efficient tool for collecting sensitive data in surveys. The goal of this study is to evaluate the quality of sexual behavior data collected with ...
    • A knowledgebase system to enhance scientific discovery: Telemakus 

      Fuller, Sherrilynne S.; Revere, Debra; Bugni, Paul F.; Martin, George M. (2004)
      Background: With the rapid expansion of scientific research, the ability to effectively find or integrate new domain knowledge in the sciences is proving increasingly difficult. Efforts to improve and speed up scientific ...