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  • Coolidge, Trilby; Arapostathis, Konstantinos Nikolaos; Emmanouil, Dimitris; Dabarakis, Nikolaos; Patrikiou, Antonis; Economides, Nikolaos; Kotsanos, Nikolaos (2008)
    Background: A growing body of literature describes the performance of dental fear questionnaires in various countries. We describe the psychometric properties of Greek versions of the Modified Dental Anxiety Scale (MDAS) ...
  • Coolidge, Trilby; Chambers, Mark A.; Garcia, Laura J.; Heaton, Lisa J.; Coldwell, Susan E. (2008)
    Background: It would be useful to have psychometrically-sound measures of dental fear for Hispanics, who comprise the largest ethnic minority in the United States. We report on the psychometric properties of Spanish-language ...
  • Riedy, Christine A.; Milgrom, Peter; Ly, Kiet A.; Rothen, Marilynn; Mueller, Gregory; Hagstrom, Mary K.; Tolentino, Ernie; Zhou, Lingmei; Roberts, Marilyn C. (2008)
    Background: Xylitol chewing gum has been shown to reduce Streptococcus mutans levels and decay. Two studies examined the presence and time course of salivary xylitol concentrations delivered via xylitol-containing pellet ...
  • Hujoel, Philippe; Hollender, Lars; Bollen, Anne-Marie; Young, John D.; Cunha-Cruz, Joana; McGee, Molly; Grosso, Alex (2006)
    Background: The thyroid is among the more radiosensitive organs in the body. The goal of this study was twofold: (1) to evaluate age-related changes in what is exposed to ionizing radiation in the neck area, and (2) to ...
  • Ly, Kiet A.; Riedy, Christine A.; Milgrom, Peter; Rothen, Marilynn; Roberts, Marilyn C.; Zhou, Lingmei (2008)
    Background: Habitual consumption of xylitol reduces mutans streptococci (MS) levels but the effect on Lactobacillus spp. is less clear. Reduction is dependent on daily dose and frequency of consumption. For xylitol to be ...

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