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    • Children's acceptance of milk with xylitol or sorbitol for dental caries prevention 

      Castillo, Jorge L.; Milgrom, Peter; Coldwell, Susan E.; Castillo, Ramon; Lazo, Rocio (2005)
      Background: Xylitol, a polyol sugar, has been shown to reduce dental caries when mixed with food or chewing gum. This study examines the taste acceptability of xylitol in milk as a first step toward measuring the effectiveness ...
    • Psychometric properties of Spanish-language adult dental fear measures 

      Coolidge, Trilby; Chambers, Mark A.; Garcia, Laura J.; Heaton, Lisa J.; Coldwell, Susan E. (2008)
      Background: It would be useful to have psychometrically-sound measures of dental fear for Hispanics, who comprise the largest ethnic minority in the United States. We report on the psychometric properties of Spanish-language ...