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    • Virtual Training for a Manual Assembly Task 

      Adams, R.J.; Klowden, D.; Hannaford, Blake (Haptics-e, The electronic journal of haptics research, 2001-10-17)
      This paper describes an experiment, conducted to investigate the benfits of force feedback for virtual reality training of a real task. Three groups of subjects received different levels of training before completing a ...
    • Voxel-Based 6-DOF Haptic Rendering Improvements 

      McNeely, W.A.; Puterbaugh, K.D.; Troy, J.J. (Haptics-e, The electronic journal of haptics research, 2006-01-19)
      An approach is presented for realizing an order-of-magnitude improvement in spatial accuracy for voxel-based 6-DOF haptics. It trades constant-time performance for greater spatial accuracy. This helps to make 6-DOF haptics ...