Recent Submissions

  • UW Sinus Surgery Cadaver/Live Dataset (UW-Sinus-Surgery-C/L) 

    Lin, Shan; Qin, Fangbo; Bly, Randall A.; Moe, Kris S.; Hannaford, Blake (2020)
    This dataset was developed at the University of Washington's BioRobotics Lab ( It has endoscopic sinus surgery images with manual annotations for surgical instrument segmentation task. The ...
  • Short Time Fourier Analysis of the Electromyogram 

    Hannaford, Blake || Lehman, Steven
    We applied short-time Fourier analysis to surface electromyograms (EMG) recorded during rapid movements, and during isometric contractions at constant forces. We selected a portion of the data to be transformed by multiplying ...
  • Personal Responsibility in the Age of User-Controlled Neuroprosthetics 

    Brown, Timothy || Moore, Patrick || Herron, Jeffrey || Thompson, Margaret || Bonaci, Tamara || Goering, Sara || Chizeck, Howard Jay
    Deep-brain stimulation systems are an accepted and clinically effective form of neuroprosthetic treatment for a variety of common and debilitating neurological movement disorders
  • Dual Stable Point Model of Muscle Activation and Deactivation 

    Chou, C.P. || Hannaford, B.
    Two dynamic models of muscle activation and deactivation based on the concepts of ion transport, reaction rates, and muscle mechanics are proposed. Storage release and uptake of calcium by the sarcoplasmic reticulum, and ...
  • Influence of head models on neuromagnetic fields and inverse source localizations 

    Ramon, Ceon; Haueisen, Jens; Schimpf, Paul H. (2006)
    Background: The magnetoencephalograms (MEGs) are mainly due to the source currents. However, there is a significant contribution to MEGs from the volume currents. The structure of the anatomical surfaces, e.g., gray and ...
  • Influence of head models on EEG simulations and inverse source localizations 

    Ramon, Ceon; Schimpf, Paul H.; Haueisen, Jens (2006)
    Background: The structure of the anatomical surfaces, e.g., CSF and gray and white matter, could severely influence the flow of volume currents in a head model. This, in turn, will also influence the scalp potentials and ...
  • Synchronization analysis of the uterine magnetic activity during contractions 

    Ramon, Ceon; Preissl, Hubert; Murphy, Pam; Wilson, James D.; Lowery, Curtis; Eswaran, Hari (2005)
    Background: Our objective was to quantify and compare the extent of synchronization of the spatial-temporal myometrial activity over the human uterus before and during a contraction using transabdominal magnetomyographic (MMG) ...