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  • Sibley, Carol Hopkins; Barnes, Karen I.; Plowe, Christopher V. (2007)
    Drug resistant malaria was a major factor contributing to the failure of a worldwide campaign to eradicate malaria in the last century, and now threatens the large investment being made by the global community in the rollout ...
  • Plowe, Christopher V.; Roper, Cally; Barnwell, John W.; Happi, Christian T.; Joshi, Hema H.; Mbacham, Wilfred; Meshnick, Steven R.; Mugittu, Kefas; Naidoo, Inbarani; Price, Ric N.; Shafer, Robert W.; Sibley, Carol Hopkins; Sutherland, Colin J.; Zimmerman, Peter A.; Rosenthal, Phillip J. (2007)
    Molecular markers for drug resistant malaria represent public health tools of great but mostly unrealized potential value. A key reason for the failure of molecular resistance markers to live up to their potential is that ...
  • Barnes, Karen I.; Lindegardh, Niklas; Ogundahunsi, Olumide; Olliaro, Piero; Plowe, Christopher V.; Randrianarievelojosia, Milijaona; Gbotosho, Grace O.; Watkins, William M.; Sibley, Carol Hopkins; White, Nicholas J. (2007)
    A World Antimalarial Resistance Network (WARN) database has the potential to improve the treatment of malaria, through informing current drug selection and use and providing a prompt warning of when treatment policies need ...

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