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  • Hawkins, Vivian N.; Auliff, Alyson; Prajapati, Surendra Kumar; Rungsihirunrat, Kanchana; Hapuarachchi, Hapuarachchige C.; Maestre, Amanda; O'Neil, Michael T.; Cheng, Qin; Joshi, Hema; Nabangchang, Kesara; Sibley, Carol Hopkins (2008)
    Background: In order to maximize the useful therapeutic life of antimalarial drugs, it is crucial to understand the mechanisms by which parasites resistant to antimalarial drugs are selected and spread in natural populations. ...
  • Zheng, Chang-Jiang; Luebeck, E. Georg; Byers, Breck E.; Moolgavkar, Suresh H. (2005)
    Background: The number of founding germ cells (FGCs) in mammals is of fundamental significance to the fidelity of gene transmission between generations, but estimates from various methods vary widely. In this paper we ...
  • Sibley, Carol Hopkins; Barnes, Karen I.; Plowe, Christopher V. (2007)
    Drug resistant malaria was a major factor contributing to the failure of a worldwide campaign to eradicate malaria in the last century, and now threatens the large investment being made by the global community in the rollout ...
  • Bacon, David J.; Jambou, Ronan; Fandeur, Thierry; Le Bras, Jacques; Wongsrichanalai, Chansuda; Fukuda, Mark M.; Ringwald, Pascal; Sibley, Carol Hopkins; Kyle, Dennis E. (2007)
    Intrinsic resistance of Plasmodium falciparum is clearly a major determinant of the clinical failure of antimalarial drugs. However, complex interactions between the host, the parasite and the drug obscure the ability to ...
  • Plowe, Christopher V.; Roper, Cally; Barnwell, John W.; Happi, Christian T.; Joshi, Hema H.; Mbacham, Wilfred; Meshnick, Steven R.; Mugittu, Kefas; Naidoo, Inbarani; Price, Ric N.; Shafer, Robert W.; Sibley, Carol Hopkins; Sutherland, Colin J.; Zimmerman, Peter A.; Rosenthal, Phillip J. (2007)
    Molecular markers for drug resistant malaria represent public health tools of great but mostly unrealized potential value. A key reason for the failure of molecular resistance markers to live up to their potential is that ...
  • Barnes, Karen I.; Lindegardh, Niklas; Ogundahunsi, Olumide; Olliaro, Piero; Plowe, Christopher V.; Randrianarievelojosia, Milijaona; Gbotosho, Grace O.; Watkins, William M.; Sibley, Carol Hopkins; White, Nicholas J. (2007)
    A World Antimalarial Resistance Network (WARN) database has the potential to improve the treatment of malaria, through informing current drug selection and use and providing a prompt warning of when treatment policies need ...

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