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    • A database of antimalarial drug resistance 

      Sibley, Carol Hopkins; Ringwald, Pascal (2006)
      A large investment is required to develop, license and deploy a new antimalarial drug. Too often, that investment has been rapidly devalued by the selection of parasite populations resistant to the drug action. To understand ...
    • World Antimalarial Resistance Network (WARN) II: In vitro antimalarial drug susceptibility 

      Bacon, David J.; Jambou, Ronan; Fandeur, Thierry; Le Bras, Jacques; Wongsrichanalai, Chansuda; Fukuda, Mark M.; Ringwald, Pascal; Sibley, Carol Hopkins; Kyle, Dennis E. (2007)
      Intrinsic resistance of Plasmodium falciparum is clearly a major determinant of the clinical failure of antimalarial drugs. However, complex interactions between the host, the parasite and the drug obscure the ability to ...