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    • Integrative analysis of RUNX1 downstream pathways and target genes 

      Michaud, Joelle; Simpson, Ken M.; Escher, Robert; Buchet-Poyau, Karine; Beissbarth, Tim; Carmichael, Catherine; Ritchie, Matthew E.; Schutz, Frederic; Cannon, Ping; Liu, Marjorie; Shen, Xiaofeng; Ito, Yoshiaki; Raskind, Wendy H.; Horwitz, Marshall S.; Osato, Motomi; Turner, David R.; Speed, Terence P.; Kavallaris, Maria; Smyth, Gordon K.; Scott, Hamish S. (2008)
      Background: The RUNX1 transcription factor gene is frequently mutated in sporadic myeloid and lymphoid leukemia through translocation, point mutation or amplification. It is also responsible for a familial platelet disorder ...