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    • Effectiveness of large woody debris in stream rehabilitation projects in urban basins 

      Larson, Marit; Booth, D.B. (Center for Urban Water Resources Management, University of Washington, 2000-03)
      In-stream rehabilitation projects are commonly built in response to problems that result from both local sources and diffuse watershed degradation. Local problems, such as an improperly sized culvert, are relatively ...
    • Riparian Soils: a Literature Review 

      Mikkelsen, Kerri; Vesho, Ilir (University of Washington Water Center, 2000-03)
      This literature review covers a variety of factors that contribute to riparian soils. These factors include water, geomorphic processes, coarse woody debris, litterfall and decomposition, nutrient dynamics, and red alder. ...
    • A Survey of Ditches Along County Roads for Their Potential to Affect Storm Runoff Water Quality 

      Colwell, Shanti; Horner, Richard R.; Booth, Derek B.; Gilvydis, Dalius (University of Washington Center for Urban Water Resources Management, 2000-07)
      Twenty years of research have demonstrated that the water quality of stormwater runoff can improve after flowing in a well-vegetated channel, relatively slowly, at a depth below the vegetation height. These channels are ...
    • Nonpoint Source Pollution Programs: Assessing Methods and Behavioral Effectiveness 

      Ryan, Clare; Ise, Jennifer; Wolf, Kathleen (University of Washington Water Center, 2000-08)
      This fact sheet describes a research project looking into intervention programs and how they can encourage adoption of behavior changes to accomplish specific water quality objectives. The fact sheet will outline the ...
    • Forest Cover, Impervious-Surface Area, and the Mitigation of Urbanization Impacts in King County, Washington 

      Booth, Derek B. (University of Washington Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2000-09)
      For decades, watershed urbanization has been known to have severe consequences on aquatic systems. Although the problem has been long articulated, solutions have proven elusive because of the complexity of the problem, ...
    • Technology Review: Ultra-Urban Stormwater Treatment Technologies 

      Brueske, Christopher C. (University of Washington Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2000-09-01)
      This paper provides a review of "ultra-urban" stormwater treatment technologies. "Ultra-urban" technologies are designed to remove pollutants from wet weather runoff in highly developed areas where land values are high ...
    • Vegetated Stormwater Facility Maintenance 

      Cammermayer, Jon W.; Horner, Richard R.; Chechowitz, Naomi (University of Washington Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2000-12)
      This study had three objectives and associated work components: Component 1 -- assess routine highway ditch cleaning alternatives ("Service Levels") for water quality benefits; Component 2—survey biofiltration swales to ...
    • Washington Water Resource: v.12:no.1(2001:winter) 

      Center for Urban Water Resources Management (2001)
      Articles include: Forest Cover, Impervious Surface Area, and the Mitigation of Stormwater Impacts; The Effects of Alternative Maintenance Practices on Water Quality Benefits of Highway Road Ditches; On-Site Runoff Mitigation ...
    • Washington Water Resource: v.12:no.[2](2001:spring) 

      Center for Urban Water Resources Management (University of Washington Water Center, 2001)
      Articles include: Urban Stream Rehabilitation in the Pacific Northwest; Hydrologic Monitoring of the Seattle Ultra-Urban Stormwater Management Projects; Using Air Conductivity and Soil Texture and Indicators of Rates for ...
    • Washington Water Resource: v.12:no.4(2001:fall) 

      Center for Urban Water Resources Management (University of Washington Water Center, 2001)
      Articles include: Hydrologic Trends and Hydrologic Monitoring in Urbanizing Streams in Western Washington.
    • Streamside Runoff: v.13:no.1(2001:winter/spring) 

      Center for Streamside Studies (University of Washington Water Center, 2001)
      Articles include: Return of the Salmon; Salmonid Movement through Culverts; Wastewater Treatment Wetland.
    • Streamside Runoff: v.13:no.2(2001:summer/fall) 

      Center for Streamside Studies (University of Washington Water Center, 2001)
      Articles include: Land Use and Water Quality; LWD; Agriculture and Salmon.
    • Regional, Synchronous Field Determination of Summertime Stream Temperatures in Western Washington 

      Booth, Derek (University of Washignton Water Center, 2001)
      Cold-water fisheries can be strongly affected by elevated summertime stream temperatures. The determinants of stream temperature are relatively well understood in the abstract, but their quantification in any given watershed ...
    • Washington Water Resource: v.12:no.[3](2001:summer) 

      Center for Urban Water Resources Management (University of Washington Water Center, 2001)
      Articles include: Special Effects of Urbanization on Physical Conditions in Puget Sound Lowland Streams; Literature Review on Substances of Potential Concern in Reclaimed Water.
    • Pilot Scale Constructed Wastewater Treatment Wetland 

      Jensen, Lenore (University of Washington Water Center, 2001-01)
      This fact sheet introduces the concept of artificially created wetlands, known as "constructed" or "treatment" wetlands, which are created as a method for treating wastewater. The technology, role of vegetation, and design ...
    • Sediment Budget of a Mixed-Use, Urbanizing Watershed 

      Nelson, Erin; Booth, Derek (The Water Center, 2001-01-01)
      The Issaquah Creek basin is an urbanizing watershed of 144 square km in western Washington, where sediment aggradation of the main channel and delivery of fine sediment into a large downstream lake have raised serious ...
    • On-Site Runoff Mitigation with Rooftop Rainwater Collection and Use 

      Stuart, Derek (King County Department of Natural Resources, 2001-01-01)
    • Urban Stream Rehabilitation in the Pacific Northwest 

      Booth, Derek B.; Karr, James R.; Schauman, Sally; Konrad, Christopher P.; Morley, Sarah A.; Larson, Marit G.; Henshaw, Patricia C.; Nelson, Erin J.; Burges, Stephen J. (University of Washington Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2001-03-30)
      Our goal in this project has been to develop a robust approach to urban stream rehabilitation, using examples from the Puget Lowland region of western Washington, that blends knowledge from the physical, biological, and ...
    • Ecological Issues in Floodplains and Riparian Corridors 

      Bolton, Susan; Schellberg, Jeff (University of Washington Water Center, 2001-07-11)
      As part of the process outlined in Washington's "Statewide Strategy to Recover Salmon: Extinction is Not an Option" the Washington Departments of Fish and Wildlife, Ecology, and Transportation were charged to develop Aquatic ...
    • Effects of Turbidity and Suspended Solids on Salmonids 

      Bash, Jeff; Berman, Cara H.; Bolton, Susan (University of Washington Water Center, 2001-11)
      Human activities in Northwestern watersheds, including logging, grazing, agriculture, mining, road building, urbanization, and commercial construction contribute to periodic pulses or chronic levels of suspended sediment ...