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    • Aging Dams, Dam Removal, and Sustainable Development 

      Khagram, Sanjeev (University of Washington Water Center, 2006-02-16)
      Khagram will discuss adaptive management of existing dams for sustainable development. He will review environmental impacts and mitigation, social impacts, decision making and governance, water quality and human health and ...
    • Embracing Disturbance: a New Paradigm for the Precautionary Principle in Riparian Zones 

      Agee, James (University of Washington Water Center, 2005-02-17)
      Agee will question the precautionary principle, which works well in some situations, but may lead to negative results. As an example, he will discuss fire regimes in riparian zones. He will argue that in dynamic systems, ...
    • Evaluation of Peak Pricing on Single-Family Residential Water Consumption in Seattle 

      Hsu, David (University of Washington Water Center, 2009-02-18)
      Public water utilities have increasingly turned to increasing block rate price structures to reduce water consumption and signal the high environmental costs of water supply. Hsu evaluates the impact of a new and substantially ...