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    • An Integrated Assessment of the Impacts of Climate Change on Washington State 

      Elsner, Marketa McGuire (University of Washington Water Center, 2008-02-14)
      Elsner will outline the Washington State Climate Impacts Assessment program. This is a comprehensive state climate change assessment that includes the impacts of global warming. She will detail the goals, challanges, and ...
    • A Prospective Graduate Program in River Restoration at the University of Washington 

      Booth, Derek (University of Washington Water Center, 2006-02-16)
      Booth will outline a plan to graduate Masters-level students at the University of Washington with professional-quality, interdisciplinary training in the principles and practice of river restoration. He will define river ...
    • Scale Matters: Salmon Habitat Restoration and Social Complexity in the Skagit Valley 

      Breslow, Sara (University of Washington Water Center, 2008-02-14)
      Breslow will discuss the issue of integrating interdisciplinary approaches to research problems. She illustrates the concept of scale by describing her research into the social aspects of salmon recovery in Skagit Valley.
    • UW Earth Initiative 

      Battisti, David (University of Washington Water Center, 2004-02-06)
      Battisti will introduce the University of Washington Earth Initiative. He will present the goals of the project as well as its proposed activities and future directions.