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    • Advancing Library visibility in Africa - Data Survey (Survey Flow) 

      Jowaisas, Chris; Boakye-Achampong, Stanley; Lynch, Renee; Norlander, Bree; Sam, Joel; Young, Jason (Technology & Social Change Group, 2020-08-01)
      This survey is part of a research project, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, that examines the current context and needs of library systems in regards to data collection and use across the African continent.
    • Benefits of crowdsourcing for libraries: A case study from Africa 

      Lynch, Renee; Young, Jason; Boakye-Achampong, Stanley; Jowaisas, Chris; Sam, Joel; Norlander, Bree (Technology & Social Change Group, 2020-09)
      Many libraries in the Global South do not collect comprehensive data about themselves, which creates challenges in terms of local and international visibility. Crowdsourcing is an effective tool that engages the public to ...
    • Connecting African libraries and development organizations: Perceptions and possibilities 

      Lynch, Renee; Young, Jason; Jowaisas, Chris; Boakye-Achampong, Stanley; Sam, Joel (Technology & Social Change Group, 2020)
      While perceptions of African libraries as development partners remain low and limited by development organizations, it is possible to change these perceptions. Quantitative data are necessary but insufficient in demonstrating ...
    • Data for advocacy: A Survey of data practices in African library systems 

      Lynch, Renee; Jowaisas, Chris; Boakye-Achampong, Stanley; Young, Jason; Sam, Joel; Norlander, Bree (Technology & Social Change Group, 2021-04)
      African libraries are drivers of development in their countries. However, many of these libraries struggle to use data for self-advocacy in order to gain wider support from government bodies, development organizations, and ...
    • Preliminary Activities of the Advancing Library Visibility in Africa Project 

      Young, Jason Connel; Sam, Joel; Boakye-Achampong, Stanley; Jowaisas, Chris (Technology & Social Change Group, 2019-03)
      Library services play a critical role in supporting communities across the African continent as they pursue sustainable economic growth and social progress. In spite of this, libraries are often overlooked as potential ...
    • Public Libraries and Development across Sub-Saharan Africa: Overcoming a Problem of Perception 

      Young, Jason; Lynch, Renee; Boakye-Achampong, Stanley; Jowaisas, Chris; Sam, Joel (De Gruyter, 2021-04-29)
      Public libraries and development organizations share many common goals that make them strong potential partners in the Global South. In spite of these commonalities, libraries are often overlooked as development partners. ...
    • Volunteer geographic information in the Global South: barriers to local implementation of mapping projects across Africa 

      Young, Jason; Lynch, Renee; Boakye-Achampong, Stanley; Jowaisas, Chris; Sam, Joel; Norlander, Bree (GeoJournal, 2020-04-08)
      The world is awash in data—by 2020 it is expected that there will be approximately 40 trillion gigabytes of data in existence, with that number doubling every 2 to 3 years. However, data production is not equal in all ...