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    • Social equity is key to sustainable ocean governance 

      Crosman, Katherine M.; Allison, Edward H.; Ota, Yoshitaka; Cisneros-Montemayor, Andres M.; Singh, Gerald G.; Swartz, Wilf; Bailey, Megan; Barclay, Kate M.; Blume, Grant; Colleter, Mathieu; Fabinyi, Michael; Faustman, Elaine M.; Fielding, Russell; Griffin, P. Joshua; Hanich, Quentin; Harden-Davies, Harriet; Kelly, Ryan P.; Kenny, Tiff-Annie; Klinger, Terrie; Kittinger, John N.; Nakamura, Katrina; Pauwelussen, Annet P.; Pictou, Sherry; Rothschild, Chris; Seto, Katherine L.; Spalding, Ana K. (npj Ocean Sustainability, 2022-08-10)
      Calls to address social equity in ocean governance are expanding. Yet ‘equity’ is seldom clearly defined. Here we present a framework to support contextually-informed assessment of equity in ocean governance. Guiding ...