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    • Crab Dentition Patterns and Impacts on Their Diet 

      Huang, Tiffany; Brandkamp, Lauren; Crofts, Stephanie (Friday Harbor Labs, 2012-12)
      Morphological and mechanical features of crab claws reflect their functions and prey selections. This study focuses on the phylogenetic dentition patterns of crabs and the impacts it has on prey consumption. Pictures of ...
    • Ontogenetic and positional variation in denticle morphology of Metacarcinus magister (Dungeness crab) 

      Brandkamp, Lauren K.; Huang, Tiffany; Crofts, Stephanie (Friday Harbor Labs, 2012-12)
      Decapod crustaceans, specifically crabs, use specialized feeding appendages called chelae for a range of functions, the foremost of which is prey capture and handling. The gross morphology of the chelae and denticles, the ...