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    • Spatial and Temporal Variability in Carbonate Chemistry in San Juan Archipelago 

      Kapsenberg, Lydia; Elahi, Robin; Phillips, Jenn; Pietsch, Carlie; Sato, Kirk; Vaughn, Chelsea (Friday Harbor Labs, 2011-07)
      This is the first study that characterizes the carbonate parameters in the Salish Sea surrounding the San Juan Archipelago. Water samples were collected from 9 sites on multiple days and analyzed for total alkalinity and ...
    • Variation in Carbonate Chemistry throughout the San Juan Archipelago 

      Vaughn, Chelsea; Elahi, Robin; Kapsenberg, Lydia; Phillips, Jenn; Pietsch, Carlie; Sato, Kirk (Friday Harbor Labs, 2011-07)
      The absorption of carbon dioxide into the ocean acidifies the waters and has the potential to drastically alter the chemistry upon which organisms and ecosystems depend. This effect, however, is expected to vary between ...