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  • On My Mind 

    Shaw, Carol Anderson
    University of Washington Abstract On My Mind Carol Anderson Shaw Chair of the Supervisory Committee: Assistant Professor Sarah Dowling School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Science On My Mind engages with complex issues of ...
  • Bag of Flesh: MFA Thesis 

    Donnelly, Ellen Hathaway
    Bag of Flesh: MFA Thesis is a collection of short stories and poems centered on dysfunctional personalities. Using a range of voices, the book explores issues of identity and selfhood in restrictive societies. By employing ...
  • California Calling 

    Singer-Velush, Natalie
    California Calling is a literary memoir that traces the narrator’s story of crossing over into California from Canada at sixteen and her desire to assimilate into both a place and herself. By asking what it means to be ...
  • A[not]her Nature 

    Taylor-Hough, Deborah Lynne
    A[not]her Nature is a collection of collage poems (centos) written in response to environmental issues. The language in many of these poems is drawn from, or responds to, seminal works of nature writing in an attempt to ...
  • Self Taut 

    Carson, Andrew
    What do you do when you aren’t yourself? Self Taut is a collection of poetry and drawings in four parts explores the interstices of self-awareness. Through rhythmic and lyrical movements, emotions reveal themselves in ...
  • County 

    Sanders, David Alan
    County is a book that examines relationships and forms myths through careful examination of and conversation with family photographs. The book relies heavily on the passing down of stories from one generation to the next. ...
  • Images of a Broken World 

    Shrauger, David M.
    Images of a Broken World is a creative thesis and a collection of short stories that explore violence in all of its forms and the destiny of humanity in a world that often rejects its humanity in favor of technology. An ...
  • Helene & Writing Abuse, Shame, and Death: A Poetics of Spirit within the Failing Body 

    Gregory, Tracy Jane
    Helene is a cross-genre text through the lens of a young female woman, Helene, that both ruminates on the grief caused by having a female body, specifically one that fails to meet the expectations of others, and pays homage ...
  • Black Medicine 

    Hoffman, Andrew
    Black Medicine is a novella that combines elements of both the Western genre and the Gothic ghost story. The intention of the tale was to place the claustrophobia of Gothic ghost stories within the open spaces of the Western ...
  • We/Me 

    Young, Kaitlin
    University of Washington Abstract We/Me Kaitlin Young Chair of the Supervisory Committee: Assistant Professor, Amaranth Borsuk School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences We/Me uses hand-stitched poems to explore how ...
  • The Tuck 

    Burland, Benjamin de L'isle
    “There is no place for fear in this new world of ours, Mr. Peck. It can only hurt you, be used against you. I’m sure you see this; understand it better than I do. The question is: are you ready to feel better? To be ...
  • Stand-To 

    Prichard, Gregory Scott
    Stand-To is an autobiographical piece composed of prose, poetry, and artwork. It reflects a soldier’s story during the Iraq war. The work also examines the effects of war on the soldier, their families and the people of ...
  • “There’s No Place Like Home”: An Analysis of Rental Market Conditions and Coping Mechanisms in the Emerald City 

    Williams, Maia (2016)
    This mixed-methods study analyzed quantitative and qualitative data on rental market conditions in the Seattle area, their effects on renters, and coping mechanisms used by renters. Data was collected from 111 individuals ...
  • Washington State Surplus, Creating a Larger Return on Investment of Tax Payer Dollars 

    Richmond, Michael S. (2016)
    The topic of this study is Washington State vehicle surplus and whether a higher yield on tax payer investment in the purchase, sale and use of state motor vehicles can be achieved. The hypothesis that will be addressed ...
  • Barriers to Temporary Inter‐District Water Transfers in the Yakima River Basin: Irrigation District Perspective 

    Meza‐Garcia, Oscar (2016)
    Water marketing, or mechanisms to acquire and redistribute water such as temporary water transfers, can represent a valuable response to drought for irrigation districts. The Department of Ecology, the US Bureau of ...
  • Exploring Issues of Access to Nutritious Foods: Seattle High Schools and Food Environments 

    Meyer, Richard N. (2016)
    Food-related health problems remain widespread throughout the United States. A growing body of research shows that certain populations are disproportionately affected by issues of access to nutritious foods. Limited access ...
  • The Nicaragua Canal. Is the Assessment in line with National Environmental Law? 

    Maynard, Lisa (2016)
    In 2013, the Government of Nicaragua approved the concession for a 173-mile canal to the Hong Kong Nicaragua Canal Development Investment Group. As the Western Hemisphere's second poorest nation, Nicaragua is attracted ...
  • If You Prohibit It, Bootleggers Will Come: A Mixed Method Study of the Landscape of College Basketball Betting 

    Gordon, David (2016)
    Over the past 25 years, betting on sports in the United States has grown dramatically with the majority of wagers being placed in illicit markets. Only 1% of an estimated 500 billion dollar sports betting industry in the ...
  • An Inquiry into the Legal Standing of Rogue REMICs in Foreclosures 

    Campbell, James P. (2016)
    The business of privatized mortgage loan securitization (Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduits or “REMICS”) is so arcane and specialized that few people outside of that realm of investment knowledge understand, or even ...
  • SMPS particle size data from the Mt. Bachelor Observatory for summer 2015 

    Jaffe, Daniel (2015-06-21)
    Aerosol size distributions from the Mt. Bachelor Observatory for 7/30/2015 to 9/23/2015.

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